Hurricane season. Be prepared!

Hurricane season. Be prepared!

How to Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

The 2019 hurricane season is upon us and although there are currently no storms on the horizon, it is best to be prepared in advance with the tools and supplies you need to get your home ready to survive the storm.  Below are some tips for installing plywood or shutters to your home:

First, take the measurements of all the windows and make sure you find the correct panels (be it wood or metal). Mark centered holes from each end and then drill the holes. Secure the header with a screw, level and add the other screws The type of fastener needed will depend on the material of the exterior of the home or shelter (wood, brick or block). Listed below are the types of fasteners that can be used depending on material:


Wood Bushings (Brass)
Square Head Track Bolts
Knurled Studs

Brick or Block

Concrete Machine Screws
Sidewalk Bolts
Machine Screw Anchor Setting tool
Combo Drill Bit
Quickset screws

Other items needed for installation:

Protective gloves and eye protection
Wing Nut Hand Tool
Wing Nut Driver Tool
48-22-6625- Compact Tape Measure
2997-22 M18™ FUEL Combo Kit Hammer Drill/Impact

If you have any questions about what fasteners you need to safeguard your home for a hurricane, please contact us by email at or 305-885-1717 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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